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Mireks Shipping Ltd

Mireks Shipping Ltd is a Bulgarian partnership, which was founded in 2004 as a subsidiary of Extrans Ltd, and which is currently part of Extrans Holding.
Led by an ambitious team of young professionals, the company offers a great variety of freight forwarding and logistic services by sea, air and land, as well as project logistics, delivery of critically urgent cargo and customs intermediation. Mireks Shipping has a full set of logistic solutions entirely customized in accordance with the individual needs of its clients and is appropriately suited towards the everchanging scenery of the market.
We strive to provide our clients with high-quality personalized solutions, which completely correspond to their needs, so that they could care for their own business, while we are busy taking care of their cargo.
When it comes to forming new business relationships, the company firmly sticks to its beliefs for:
  • Loyalty and responsibility
  • Honesty and recognition
  • Motivation and reliability
  • Professionalism and satisfaction
  • Humility and innovative thinking

Individual logistic solutions

Every logistic case is unique and therefore it is of vital importance for us to be completely informed about the requirements of our clients, as well as the current micro-logistic and macro-logistic trends. Therefore: 
We listen
In order to find the best solutions for your needs, we listen to your requirements and note the specifics of the cargo.
We understand
We know how to adapt in order to satisfy your needs, so we search for the best route, the lowest costs and the fastest delivery time.
We offer solutions
We find pleasure in taking on challenges and we can find the right solution even in the most intricate of cases.
You choose
Whatever your logistic decision is, we are 100 percent on your side.
We make it happen
With the help of our partners worldwide, we manage to deliver your cargo safe and on time. It is our responsibility to check the location and condition of our goods.


For more than 15 years, Mirex Shipping is a preferred logistic carrier, which earned its reputation on the marked as a stable and responsible company.
In order to expand its horizons, the company is part of many international logistic networks, thus delivering to 180 countries in more than 2,500 offices worldwide. In addition to that, It has a freight forwarder liability insurance of USD 500,000.

Компанията е създадена 2004 година
100 %
Bulgarian Ownership
Country coverage
logistics partners
offices all over the world
USD 500 000
Legal liability